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Saturday, March 31, 2012

SOUP'S ON: What's For Dinner - How It All Began...


One afternoon, I was working our business as I always do from home and at approximately 3 pm I looked up at the clock and realized I didn't have a clue of what I was going to make Bob, my husband, for dinner.  I had nothing but the same the freezer and that was frozen.

I had Facebook open as I did much of the time back then (played Mafia Wars at the time) and had over 3,000 friends from it so I thought, what the heck, I'll ask everyone else what they're doing and maybe I'll get a brilliant idea.  So I did, I posted a 'personal status' SOUP's ON: What's For Dinner?.  To my amazement 50 plus friends responded and one Mafia Wars friend Ron from Texas posted a Chicken Pasta Casserole that looked easy and fast.  I asked for the recipe which he then posted.  By now it was going on 4 pm, I printed off the recipe and ran to the store.  Headed back home, prepared, baked and served it one hour later and it was De-Li-Cious!  I will never forget that experience.

That worked so well that I decided from then on when I was unsure what to make for dinner I would post that question on my status and see what happens.  AND I did just that, each time working marvelously until it started to become an everyday post because others started to also like it.  With 3,000 friends the posts can get long and it wasn't too long that I realized this was probably annoying to my other friends and family.  So I decided to take this quest to a group.  Our first group in the Soup's On Family was established in October of 2010.  Today our novice to expert Chefs/Members wait each day for the bell to ring around 3 pm and meal plan posts begin and go through the night/day dependent on what part of the world the chef is from.  On days when that bell doesn't ring by myself, I can count on anxious members to ring it for me, with our well known POST: SOUP's ON: What's For Dinner?

Since then we have added many other themed groups and pages.

I sure hope you've enjoyed this group and page as much as I have.  Below are other SOUP's ON family groups and pages. Please feel free to join or like pages or groups below and help us grow by letting your friends know too!  Enjoy and Thanks!

1. It's Raining CATS and DOGS - Our pet page (even have a Bear and Horse that are members)!:

2. Couch Potatoes to Book Worms - Our Book, Movie, TV and Music Page (Reviews, Tips, Likes and Dislikes, new and availables):

3. The Garage - Auto, Motorcyle and AV News, Rallies and Races:

4. My Green Thumb - All about gardening, landscaping, ponds, birds and pools:

5. Eat-Write & Train Yourself Healthy - dedicated to healthy eating and lifestyle for over 40 when your metabolism and body say NO!:

6. Help! I Need a Vacation - Travel and vacation reviews, tips and ideas, photos etc...:

7. Soup's ON: What's for Dinner? - Meal planning and Recipe sharing

 8. It's Raining Cats and Dogs - Collaborative sharing of member pet lovers all over the world from breeders to pet owners. Share ideas, questions, tips, links, videos, photos, stories and more!

And our newest Group...

9. A Girl, Her Purse and Her Shoes - What woman doesn't love purses and shoes? This group will be dedicated to sharing purses and shoes from all over the world, from the most expensive to the least, and as often as possible post sales. In turn we hope that you will share your choices and why they are, or your latest finds. If you are a purse diva or an Imelda Marcos with shoes this group is probably going to be a favorite of yours!

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