Saturday, April 7, 2012


We are attending a family brunch tomorrow for Easter and I wanted to create something different for each guest.  Inspired by all the Mason Jar gifts under Easter on Pinterest, I created my version of the Easter S'More Jar:

1/2 c pastel M&Ms (I used both Dark and Milk Chocolate)
6 Purple Peep Bunnies
1 package of Land o Lakes Cocoa Mix
1 package of Teddy Grahams (individual pkg)
1 6" x 6" pastel colored material
1 thin pastel colored ribbon approximately 14" long
1 Qt. Mason Jar
1 Gift Card (blank inside)
1 Bunny sticker
1 Plastic Egg sticker
Hole puncher

Combine Jar in whatever order fits your taste.
Place M&Ms on bottom layer,
Next, add the Peeps along side of jar
Finally, place the teddy grahams and cocoa in a plastic sandwich bag
Fit the sandwich bags in the middle of the Peeps.
Cover with flat suction lid
Take material and cover evenly over the lid
Screw the outer lid around the material
Tie a ribbon under the rim of the lid
Fill out gift card, and punch hole in the corner
Tie the gift card with the thin ribbon tied around the lid so the gift card securely hangs
Stick the plastic egg sticker to the top of the lid onto the material
Add a bunny sticker to the side of the jar to finish.

Happy Easter!

It's Just Me Val, Ciao'!

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